Dood University

Training programs specifically designed for each dog's individual needs

Private one on one sessions

We will cover the basics of effectively communicating with your dog to achieve your desired results, and you will learn the skills necessary to have the best possible relationship with your dog.

Eliminating confusion, communicating clearly and effectively, and understanding how dogs learn will give you the ability and confidence to guide your dog through any situation. Whether that's teaching a puppy to sit, or a reactive dog to remain neutral, you will have the tools and knowledge required to conquer anything and give your dog the best life it can possibly have.

Board and Train

Our board and train is a 3-6 week, extensive training camp specifically designed for each individual dog. While 3-6 weeks seems like a long time to be away from your furry friend, this gives us enough time to create reliable, impactful training that lays the groundwork for a well balanced dog. We want our training to carry over into building an obedient and well mannered dog in all situations, not just a dog that will do tricks for food in your living room.

Your dogs stay will include...

Loose leash walking

Basic obedience (sit, down, stay etc...)

Environmental neutrality during public outings

Three 1 on 1 training sessions per day

Multiple play and decompression sessions per day

Proofing obedience around distractions

E-collar conditioning for off leash reliability

Daily progress videos

Follow up sessions to ensure continued progress